‘Nothing Missed’ published in War of the Worlds: Battleground Australia

WoW-Front-Cover-200x300I’m at this extremely satisfying point in my writing career where I’m being asked to contribute to both literary and genre publications. May it go on forever!

Most recently, I have published a story, ‘Nothing Missed’, in the anthology War of the Worlds: Battleground Australia, edited by Steve Proposch, Christopher Sequeira and Bryce Stevens. My story is a contemporary post-invasion/post-war story about a queer teen who finds an alien head, and becomes conflicted about the physical and emotional effect it has on her. Filmmaker Alex Proyas (legend!!), who wrote the introduction, says of my story:

NOTHING MISSED by Angela Meyer is a poignant story of loss and grief, and a yearning to not feel pain; where a dead Martian serves as the numbing stand-in for our “connected” modern world, or social media perhaps. Or is the desire to join with the “other” a metaphor for racial harmony? Either way this post-modern tale, though it has ephemeral ties with Wells, is thought-provoking and touching.

I’m in terrific company here. The anthology features stories by Kerry Greenwood, Jack Dann, Carmel Bird, Jenny Valentish, Janeen Webb, Sean Williams, Kaaron Warren, Lucy Sussex and many more. The stories are set both in the traditional ‘historical’ time period, and any time afterwards (or post-invasion). It’s a great deal of fun and I highly recommend you check it out. It’s available in print and ebook from Clan Destine Press, worldwide.

Here are some links:

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