Sustainability in the Australian book industry

I’ve just completed a series of snapshots on sustainability in Australian publishing and bookselling, for Books+Publishing (subscription required):

Part 1 provided an overall intro and looked at what publishers are doing.

Part 2 looked at where most of the emissions come from, greener book production and printing practices, whether there are alternatives to the paper we currently use, and whether ebooks and audiobooks are greener.

Part 3 looked at what booksellers are doing, delved into issues of stock control and the sticky SoR question, and mentioned promotion and data.

I’ll be going deeper into the bookselling side for a report that I’m writing for the Australian Booksellers Association, which should be completed later in the year. I’ll be presenting initial findings at the ABA conference in June. Would love to talk to more booksellers, so if you’re reading, get in touch!

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