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CaptivesFCR (1)

Angela Meyer
Inkerman & Blunt
May 2014

Order from the publisherReadingsBooktopiaAvid Reader, DymocksFishpond (free worldwide shipping), or your local bookstore: Pbook ISBN 9780987540126. Ebook available on KindleGoogle Play, iBooks, Kobo & more.

Captives opens with a husband pointing his gun at his wife. There’s a woman who hears ‘the hiss of Beelzebub behind people’s voices’, a photographer who captures the desire to suicide, a man locked in a toilet who may never get out, a couple who grow young, and a prisoner who learns to swallow like a python.

Meyer’s language is subtle and skilful, giving us flashes of unsettling truths, peppered with dark humour.—Brigid Mullane, Readings Monthly

Angela Meyer’s Captives is a collection of shimmering story wafers, each of which hovers at exactly the sweet spot of just enough. Individually piercing, Meyer’s fiction slices fit together like the best poetry does, amplifying what came before and chiming with what comes after.—Tania Hershman

Captives… imagines the end of time, not as a distant prospect, but as an inevitability that we carry with us in the present.—NANO Fiction (US)

One of the form’s most vital practitioners.—William Yeoman, The West Australian

The influence of Kafka on Captives is impossible to miss… But, at the same time, the collection is wonderfully innovative – not only in form, but in content, too. In print at least, microfiction is intriguing new territory, and it’s territory Angela Meyer seems to have mastered.—Michelle McLaren, Newtown Review of Books

Her best stories are like the perfect skeletons of small animals, from which a warm and living body may be easily imagined.—Kerryn Goldsworthy, Sydney Morning Herald/Age

[T]he writing stays full of light and darkness. It startles. It prompts the reader to reflect, to cross-examine existence. Meyer captures the everyday with conflict and tension, with a subtle interrogation of life and death.—Eugen Bacon, Mascara Literary Review

The conflict in these stories is palpable, between one place and another, one memory and one reality, between desire and frustration … Despite the length—some no more than a paragraph—[the stories] suggest entire realities that lay submerged beneath the consciousness of the page.—Craig Hildebrand-Burke, NSW Writers’ Centre blog

The space beyond the stories is essential, and the words themselves appear with an illusory ease and simplicity … These tiny stories have a pressing, bruising quality—Jo Langdon, Cordite Poetry Review

The reader passes through a scene or a moment like a ghost.—Tristan Foster, Entropy Magazine

…you find yourself stilled into a moment beyond the everyday, feeling a deep sense of unease.—Lisa Hill, ANZLitLovers

Angela Meyer’s microfictions introduce a new and welcome voice. At her best she is very good. Everything is alive, nothing is explained.—Rodney Hall

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The Great Unknown w blurbs small imageThe Great Unknown: stories
Edited by Angela Meyer
Spineless Wonders

Order from ReadingsBooktopia, Avid ReaderFishpond (free worldwide shipping), Amazon, or your local bookstore: ISBN 9780987447937. Mobi and ePub versions on Tomely ($9.99).

‘Sexy, scary, often strangely beautiful, these stories are a darkling delight’—James Bradley

An anthology of down-under short stories ‘inspired by’ the mood, imagery, themes and/or political interests of Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone. Featuring some of the best short story writers in Australia, along with the winner and shortlisted stories from the Carmel Bird Short Fiction Award 2013.

Read the review in the Australian.

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The Great Unknown

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