Online course: How to write your speculative fiction novel

It was a delight to be asked to develop an online course for literary journal Kill Your Darlings on how to write long-form speculative fiction: sci-fi, the fantastical and the supernatural. I have written and published my own spec fic, and have also acquired, edited and published speculative works in my day job. I have always read, … Continue reading Online course: How to write your speculative fiction novel

‘Micro’ in Kill Your Darlings‘ Speculative Fiction and Fantasy Showcase

Burned-out citizens have begun handing over their small-scale decisions to AI in the hope of making big decisions easier, in my new short story 'Micro', published in Kill Your Darlings' Speculative Fiction and Fantasy Showcase, alongside such excellent writers as Jane Rawson, J.R. Hennessy, Claire Corbett, and J.A. Haigh. I hope you enjoy it!

A dystopic vision: The Ark by Annabel Smith

When I first heard about Annabel Smith's project, The Ark, I was intrigued. Here was an excellent literary author (I'm a big fan of her novel Whisky Charlie Foxtrot) tackling not only speculative fiction, but a whole different format. The Ark is about the inhabitants of a sealed seed vault, in a near future where resources are rapidly dwindling. … Continue reading A dystopic vision: The Ark by Annabel Smith

The Great Unknown authors: Guy Salvidge

This is the sixth post published in conjunction with the release of The Great Unknown this month, where authors share their experience of writing eerie stories for the anthology, and give you an idea of what to expect (and, I hope, look forward to). The Great Unknown is available to pre-order from Booktopia, Readings, Fishpond (free shipping worldwide) and all good bookstores. You might … Continue reading The Great Unknown authors: Guy Salvidge

Maria Takolander’s The Double

9781922079763 Text Publishing  August 2013 One of the best contemporary short story collections I've read, Takolander's fictions are intellectual, dark, strange and often dystopian. The tone is of casual realism, but what's described is beyond that: fantastical, nightmarish or just off; my favourite kind of fiction. If you like Kafka or Beckett, or MJ Hyland … Continue reading Maria Takolander’s The Double

Enter the zone! The Carmel Bird Short Fiction Award 2013

I'm very, very excited to announce that this year I am judging the Carmel Bird Short Fiction Award for Spineless Wonders. The winner and shortlisted stories will be considered for publication in the Spineless Wonders annual anthology, which I have already been putting together, and trust me, you want to be published alongside these writers! … Continue reading Enter the zone! The Carmel Bird Short Fiction Award 2013