A Drink with Chris Flynn

Chris Flynn recently released his debut novel A Tiger in Eden, a fast-paced, hilarious and surprisingly touching novel about a tough guy stuck in ‘paradise’. I sat down with the talented, funny Flynn—wearer of many hats besides author, such as editor and reviewer—over a drink at Pugg Mahones in Carlton. Chris talks about his hard-man character Billy, growing up in Belfast, writing, and why he is like the Hulk…

There’s a funny bit quite late in the vid, so do watch the whole thing!

View A Drink with Chris Flynn on Vimeo. The quality is very good so do expand to full screen:

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View A Drink with Chris Flynn on YouTube:

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Earlier episodes in the series are A Drink with Lisa Lang and A Drink with Omar Musa.

If you’re interested in sponsoring the show or just buying my crew a beer, please contact me at literaryminded (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks Chris, and thanks again to Mark Welker, Sam Bowron and Aaron Cuthbert.

11 thoughts on “A Drink with Chris Flynn

  1. Thanks for another really great edition in the series. I like stories of writers overcoming rejections to succeed; they give me hope. Chris seems like a lovely, genuine guy and hearing him read at the start is a pleasure.

    • Thanks Katie, glad you enjoyed it. There will be a longer cut of his reading released in the near future–bonus content!

      • Director’s cut with bonus features! That was really heartening to hear of Chris’ tenacity with his novel writing. Mind you I’m already 40 and only half way through my first novel…so once you factor in the five rejections….hmmm…better get cracking…I’ll be a super late bloomer….it’s great that his book has been published. It was already on my list of books to read this year – I look forward to it!

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  3. Thanks Angela – that link was in fact very encouraging. Luckily I plan to live to be 120 years old. It’s good that Chris doesn’t write like the Hulk. “Hulk smash and bash!”

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