Anna Funder’s All That I Am wins 2012 Miles Franklin

Anna Funder made her name with the much-hailed and widely published nonfiction work Stasiland. Her first novel, All That I Am—already a bestseller and winner of multiple awards—has just been awarded the Miles Franklin Literary Award for 2012. Congratulations Anna!

Recommended reading:

Miles Franklin winner Anna Funder finds out it’s all about her, award coverage by Stephen Romei in the Australian.

A review of All That I Am on the ANZ LitLovers LitBlog.

A great interview with Anna Funder in Kirsten Krauth’s ‘writing mothers’ series.

Find out more about the other shortlisted books from 2012 here.

5 thoughts on “Anna Funder’s All That I Am wins 2012 Miles Franklin

  1. Since I bought it, this book is looking at me… I tried to read it twice but never succeeded so far… maybe the third time will be the good one. Have you read it Angela?

    • Unfortunately not. And now I have a big pile for reviews, interviews and Melbourne Writers Festival… not sure I’ll get to it in the near future. So many books!

  2. I know innumerable good readers who needed three gos to get into All That I Am. They persisted because of the immense hype around its publication and the sense that it ‘should’ be good. Bah. It reads like non-fiction with some cloying attempts at fictional style.

    • Thanks for your comment, Samantha! I know at least two people who had trouble with it, too. Whether to persevere or not depends on the reader, I guess. Have you read Stasiland? I’ve always wanted to.

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