‘Joan Smokes’ wins the Mslexia Novella Competition (UK)

The novella I wrote after finishing A Superior Spectre has won a big prize! Joan Smokes is set in the early 1960s and centres on a woman who attempts to escape the past by travelling to Las Vegas. It tackles themes of reinvention, grief, trauma and love. Prize judge and Galley Beggar Press co-founder Eloise Millar praised the … Continue reading ‘Joan Smokes’ wins the Mslexia Novella Competition (UK)

Angela Meyer (ed), The great unknown (Review)

Reblogging this fantastic review of The Great Unknown from Whispering Gums, a blog I’ve read and admired for quite some time.

Whispering Gums

Angela Meyer, The great unknown Courtesy: Spineless Wonders

The great unknown is a mind-bending collection of short stories which explores, as editor Angela Meyer says, “the unknown, the mysterious, or even just the slightly off.” I was, in fact, expecting more horror, thriller even, which are genres that don’t really interest me, but this collection is not that. There are some truly scary scenes – so if that’s your bag then you’ll appreciate this collection – but many are more subtly mysterious, giving the collection a broader appeal.

There are nineteen stories, most of which are the result of Meyer’s direct invitation to some favourite authors. Six, though, come from the shortlist for the Carmel Bird Short Fiction Award, 2013, of which Meyer was the judge. The invited authors were given the same brief as that for the competition, which was to write a story inspired by the “fifth dimension”, that is, the world found in shows like

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The Great Unknown authors: PM Newton

This is the twelfth post published in conjunction with the release of The Great Unknown, where authors share their experience of writing eerie stories for the anthology. The Great Unknown is available from Booktopia, Readings, Avid Reader, Fishpond (free shipping worldwide) and all good bookstores. You might also want to add it to your shelves on Goodreads. PM Newton is the Sydney-based author of The Old … Continue reading The Great Unknown authors: PM Newton

Anna Funder’s All That I Am wins 2012 Miles Franklin

Anna Funder made her name with the much-hailed and widely published nonfiction work Stasiland. Her first novel, All That I Am—already a bestseller and winner of multiple awards—has just been awarded the Miles Franklin Literary Award for 2012. Congratulations Anna! Recommended reading: Miles Franklin winner Anna Funder finds out it's all about her, award coverage by Stephen Romei … Continue reading Anna Funder’s All That I Am wins 2012 Miles Franklin

Shakespeare and Co., Paris

Despite seeing Notre Dame, the Panthéon and the Conciergerie today, and unexpectedly falling in love with stone, spiral staircases, there was another highlight I thought you'd appreciate: visiting one of the world's most famous and truly delightful bookstores, Shakespeare and Company. The shelves are crammed with old and new books, the staff (I heard only … Continue reading Shakespeare and Co., Paris

From my iPhone

Having internet issues in the tiny window available for blogging! Updates on the Perth Writers Festival, including peacocks, podcasts and polevaulting, as soon as I get a chance. My last session is this afternoon, then I'm going to see at least one West-side beach before I go home...

Voiceworks #69 'Identikit' – A Responsive Review

Depending on which side you open it from (a magazine with an identity crisis?) you will not be disappointed with the latest issue of Voiceworks, an Australian magazine that showcases the creative talent of under 25s. It is non-profit, literary, and intellectual without being inaccessible. ‘We are the youth and we are not apathetic’, it … Continue reading Voiceworks #69 'Identikit' – A Responsive Review