A Drink with Chris Flynn

Chris Flynn recently released his debut novel A Tiger in Eden, a fast-paced, hilarious and surprisingly touching novel about a tough guy stuck in 'paradise'. I sat down with the talented, funny Flynn—wearer of many hats besides author, such as editor and reviewer—over a drink at Pugg Mahones in Carlton. Chris talks about his hard-man character Billy, growing … Continue reading A Drink with Chris Flynn

A Drink with… Lisa Lang and Omar Musa

Here, finally, are the first two episodes of the new LiteraryMinded show A Drink with... ! A Drink with... is a literary-minded chat show. In each episode I chat, informally, with a different writer, over a drink at a Melbourne location. Over the course of the show my co-producer Mark Welker and I will feature both emerging and established writers, … Continue reading A Drink with… Lisa Lang and Omar Musa

Interview with Paul Murphy, book trailer specialist

In the past few months Paul Murphy has been kindly forwarding me his book trailers. I visited his website, http://www.booktease.com.au, and was impressed by the range and quality of his work in this emerging field. In our visually aligned and keyboard-bound culture, book trailers will increasingly play an important role in drawing readers to the … Continue reading Interview with Paul Murphy, book trailer specialist