Give Me Some Lip

Lip Issue 16 has arrived in my mailbox. In this issue I have a piece titled ‘Virtual Projections: How We Construct Ourselves Online’. As it’s a magazine for young women, I spoke to girls and women in virtual environments – MySpace and Facebook – but its also about my own experiences in those spaces and through being a blogger.

I have previously had a short story (‘Birthday’) and review published in issues of Lip. It’s a wonderful independent publication dealing with ‘real’ issues for young women, and featuring alternative fashions, book extracts, stories, articles and interesting, unique artworks and photography. Hardworking editor Rachel Longhurst keeps topping herself with each issue. If you know a teenage girl who is disillusioned by the glossies on offer in the newsagent, it might make a good gift. And it’s still glossy!

Check out more about Lip.

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