Go Nam!

Nam Le has won the $140,000 Dylan Thomas Prize, for a writer under 30. And how well-deserved!

Read all about it from the ABC, or The Oz, or perhaps what we printed in WBN  today (subscription required).

And do revisit my ‘responsive’ interview with Nam.

This is so exciting, when you love a writer’s work – because a prize like this not only brings them greater recognition, but affords them the time to continue to make a career out of writing. It’s wonderful to know that more of Nam’s imagination and talent will become available for us.

If you haven’t read The Boat yet, get thee to a book retailer.

5 thoughts on “Go Nam!

  1. I had a little smile when I heard this in the car on the JJJ news report. I’ve only read ‘Love and Honour…’, but if the rest of his collection can match that, I’m in.

    Oh, and if Nam’s a clever bloke (and there’s no reason to suggest he’s not) he’ll hang in on cashing that prize, which is awarded in Pounds Sterling. Sixty thousand pounds might be worth a bit more than A$140k in a couple of weeks.

  2. I went to the Coburg library this morning to get The Boat but it turns out there’s a waiting list of four people waiting to get their hands on one of three copies. It’s great the Nam is getting such good coverage! But obviously having to wait to read it sucks for me. On a brighter note, I picked up a few of the SLV’s Summer Reads books, will definitely be trying to read as many as I can and blogging about them over the summer.

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