5x5x5 writer tour, Northern NSW

555 writers

I’m delighted to be invited along as the official blogger on this upcoming tour of Northern NSW, in the lead-up to the Byron Bay Writers Festival. As some of you know, I grew up in Coffs Harbour. It’s a part of the world with which I’m very familiar. It’s where I was living when I started LiteraryMinded seven years ago. Of course, it’s also a place I left, and my complicated relationship with the area will no doubt come through a little in the blog posts for this tour. But mainly, the posts will be about the stars of the (road)show, authors Nick Earls, Ashley Hay, Craig Sherborne, Samuel Wagan Watson and Zacharey Jane. Tim Eddy will be making a film of the trip, and I’ll be recording the happenings/shenanigans right here, and no doubt via InstagramTwitter and Facebook. I’ll use the hashtag #555writers. I’ve begun reading the authors’ latest books, so I’ll be able to weave in comments about their work as I get to know the authors themselves. I expect there’ll be explorations of reading, writing, and the industry, mixed in with observations of place and people (by the authors and myself), and some downright silliness and fun. I hope you’ll follow!

The schedule is now live on the Byron Bay Writers Festival website. The tour will consist of a series of lectures, talks, workshops, readings, and fun pub nights. Hope to see you somewhere, or in the comments here. x

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