Like, embrace the pain: the Bret Easton Ellis interview (part 1)

Pictured: Carrie, Samantha, Carrie Let’s begin at the end. After Kathy Charles and I finished our interview with the very engaging Bret Easton Ellis, we sat with his publicist over a couple of glasses of Chandon, waiting for Ellis to wrap-up with our friend Robbie Coleman. Robbie emerged, white-faced and swearing, revealing that the interviewee had turned interviewer … Continue reading Like, embrace the pain: the Bret Easton Ellis interview (part 1)

Countdown to Byron Bay Writers Festival

I've been in a lot of aeroplanes lately - flying out from Melbourne, flying in novels, and in dreams. Sometimes the ports look similar. Familiar, unfamiliar. My life is literature, is writing, is reading, and always passion, and there are good and bad things about being intertwined with fiction, about consistent imagining. It can be expansive, … Continue reading Countdown to Byron Bay Writers Festival

Nam Le – a 'responsive' interview

The Boat, Nam Le, 2008, Penguin - Hamish Hamilton (Aus, US), 9780241015414 Sentences - LiteraryMinded Responses - Nam Le * The terminal point, point of contemplation. The idea of terminus is critical to narrative: what (and where) is the point that occasions the narrative?  What needs finishing in order for articulation to start?  Because a narrative, … Continue reading Nam Le – a 'responsive' interview