The new-old blog

Welcome to LiteraryMinded‘s new platform, and the blog’s third home. As you can probably see, a bunch has gone wrong with the import and it’ll take me weeks to fix all those pictures, but I’ll get there! I’m away a bit over the next few weeks, so be patient with me.

Why has the blog moved? There are a few reasons:

  • Now that I’m reviewing frequently for other publications, I have less time to provide purely original content for the blog. I think it’s unfair to Crikey if my blog links more often to reviews in other places, rather than being made up of original content.
  • I thought it was about time I let someone else build their profile in that supporting environment. There are so many great writers and bloggers out there now.
  • On an open WordPress platform it is much easier for people to comment and interact with me.
  • I can put up a few ads and maybe make this into something more sustainable.
  • I can write on different topics. Though Crikey never restricted me, it was expected that I mainly focus on literature and the Australian book industry. I like writing about that stuff and will continue to. But maybe I’ll write the odd post about something else that takes my fancy. It won’t be so out of place here.
  • I can change the look of the blog whenever I like.

Readers and bloggers, if you are linking to me via a blogroll or RSS feed, will you please change it to this new address? Thank you so much.

Publishers, I am still reviewing books here and elsewhere. See the ‘About‘ page for details.

Much lit-love! When you rock ‘n’ roll with me, no one else I’d rather be…


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