Review of The Meowmorphosis by Franz Kafka & Coleridge Cook in the Australian

First, let me apologise for the recent lack of fully formed blog posts. From next week I may have a bit more time for that (staying in the country). I’m giving my paper in a couple of days in London and have been super busy with work, sightseeing and drinking too much. I promise I’ll give you something substantial soon.

In the meantime, here’s a review I did for the Australian of The Meowmorphosis, a Kafka mash-up. This book could have been so great – the premise is hilarious – but it doesn’t quite manage to pull it off. I explain in the review. It begins:

‘Gregor Samsa waking as a giant insect is one of the most memorable openings in literature.

The Meowmorphosis imagines what would happen if, instead of waking as an ugly bug, Gregor awoke as a cute, cuddly kitten. The book is also a mash-up, in the vein of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, where Kafka’s original (translated) text is melded with the words of the pseudonymous Coleridge Cook.

It’s a fun premise but there is not quite enough difference between the stories, and the themes, to give Kafka’s The Metamorphosis a new life.’

You can read the rest online here.

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