I wrote a winning haiku

I’m very excited to announce that a little haiku I wrote one morning is the winner of Australian Poetry’s haiPhone competition. It goes:

Potential faces
In steamy bathroom mirrors
Residue of stars

I’ve been invited to read it out as part of the Emerging Writers’ Festival on 1 June at the Poetry Cafe. G told me I should ‘Shatner’ the haiku – make it last as long as possible.

My other entry was:

charming fellows giving one
another roses

Lots of fun. I’m mainly a prose writer, as you know, but I write poetry in bursts. I don’t often show anyone or send anything off, but I really enjoy it. Some ideas just can’t be anything else. I hope to write a few small pieces while travelling soon. I’ve been encouraged, too, by Ali Alizadeh, a poet and prose writer I admire, after he liked my flash fiction piece on Capsule and we discussed the closeness between flash fiction and prose poetry. According to my rough research, there’s a very fine line between them. Prose poetry is often more abstract and works in the realm of metaphor, while a flash fiction piece will often maintain some semblance of narrative form: beginning, middle, end. But of course that fine line can be crossed. I enjoy working with imagery and mood in these short forms, and I hope to keep playing around with them and getting better.

Thanks so much to Australian Poetry and the Australian Poetry iPhone app. I’m really looking forward to my prize: a one-on-one with the wonderful poet and critic Chris Wallace-Crabbe.

2 thoughts on “I wrote a winning haiku

  1. Congratulations Angela! I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that one-one-one between you and Chris Wallace-Crabbe. Should be a fascinating exchange, I imagine.

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