Perth Writers Festival 2011: The A-Z of Publishing

Yesterday I chaired the ‘A-Z of Publishing’ day at Perth Writers Festival. Two-hundred people were in attendance. They heard Vintage/Knopf (Random House) publisher Meredith Curnow, senior editor at Text Publishing Mandy Brett and Fremantle Press Publisher Clive Newman speak on the topic ‘Where on Earth Do You Start?’ Then manuscript assessor John Harman and literary agent Lyn Tranter spoke about getting the manuscript ready and finding an agent. Finally, we heard about the part where the ‘fun really starts’, with UWA publisher Terri-ann White taking us through the publishing process, editor and author Amanda Curtin giving us the skinny on editing, and Scribe publicity manager Emma Morris, speaking on a book’s publicity.

Obviously I was on stage and couldn’t take notes, but there have already been a few great write-ups from audience members:

Cristy Burne, a children’s author who is also involved with the festival, provides highlights and quotes in her blog post, and says: ‘I think one huge (and encouraging) thing was missed during the day: Writing competitions! Entering legit competitions is a great way to get your work under the noses of publishers and out of the slushpile.’ Read her post here.

The All the World’s a Page blog very sympathetically refers to our conditions on stage (bright, hot and loud) and does a great job summing up some of the day’s key messages. Read that here.

WAstyle also enjoyed the event and said she might write it up in the next few days.

If you also wrote up the event, feel free to leave a comment.

Meeting these publishing-world heavyweights was a real privilege, as was aiding them in steeling the committed, hard-working and talented for what’s to come (and possibly dashing a few dreams).

My own dreams of a sustainable (yet supplemented) career as an author are certainly not dashed. Write on!

4 thoughts on “Perth Writers Festival 2011: The A-Z of Publishing

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  2. Hi Angela – thanks for being such a wonderful host last Friday. I travelled down from Port Hedland to attend the Writers Festival and I had such a brilliant time. I’ve written some comments too on my blog It’s a whole new world for me but I am loving every second of it.

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