How did I live without them?

Just some of the treats in boxes shipped down by my ‘rents this week…
(Thanks Mum & Dad! x)

Missed my Marilyn collection!

I am a movie buff, yes.

Hello childhood!

Macauley Culkin is my boyfriend.

The Roald Dahl box sets were a present from Mum and Dad when I was about nine, and my sister about seven (one was for me, one for her). As you can see, I have a lot more to thank them for than just sending boxes of books down. Many of the books shown above shaped the course of my life.

Have you spotted any of your own favourites here? Any you’d like to comment on?

8 thoughts on “How did I live without them?

  1. I spy Lord of the Rings! 😀
    I must admit though, that the stack of Jennings/Rodda is my favourite photo: it just about sums up late primary school (all it needs is a dash of Robin Klein). I’d forgotten about ‘Pigs Might Fly’ – I re-read that one a lot. Just magical.
    Did you have a favourite Teen Power Inc character? My friend & I used to pretend we were Elmo and Liz, respectively.

  2. Your parents read Fowles, DHLawrence, Orwell, Bram Stoker as well as Tolkien and William Gibson? wow, VERY cool parents. Just read Dracula and particularly loved it.

    Don’t you just love a big stack of “books to be read”? Mine currently has Donna Tartt (loved the Secret Histories), Hilary Mantel, Ruth Park, Virgil and Sartre. Can’t wait to get stuck in!

  3. Recycled Envelope – these are all MY books, and ones I’ve read, too. They’ve been living in my home town as they are obviously expensive to ship. I’ve been in Melbourne for a year-and-a-half with a lot of new books, and a small stack of favourites. Now all my books are together again!

    Your to-read list sounds wonderful.

    Jo – I knew you’d spot LOTR 🙂 My favourite was Rochelle, I think. But I can’t really remember. The Teen Power Inc. series, which has been rebranded as the Raven Hill Mysteries, was my favourite series as a kid! I’m too scared to re-read them.

  4. You have Ted Hughes. Although it often leads to shock and horror on the faces of Plath-loving young women: I love Ted Hughes. In fact, he might just be my FAVOURITE poet.

    (look! I can finally comment on your blog!)

  5. Ahh! Seeing ‘The Silver Sword’ brings back some memories, especially next to those children books. Back when I was quite quite young, I picked that up thinking it would be something akin to Wizard of Earthsea (first book I ever read on my own volition).

    Anyway, that book made a huge impression on me, and I find myself still thinking about it sometimes. Ian Serillier? I haven’t owned a copy since all my childhood books got lost somewhere in the Atlantic.

  6. Gabrielle – it is a wonderful book.

    Sarinah – Ted Hughes’ poems are wonderful. I’m a huge Plath fan. HUGE. But the fact that he’s a lyin’, cheatin’ bastard doesn’t change the fact that his work is good. She knew it too, hey?

    Patrick – that copy of The Silver Sword is one I ‘accidentally’ stole from my school. I thought I’d brought it back and then found it months later and experienced a cold, dreadful feeling of horror. I was a good kid! I contemplated taking it back, but then they would know I had it! It made a huge impression on me too. Really haunting.

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