Queensland Poetry Festival special: Elizabeth Bachinsky

The Queensland Poetry Festival runs from 21 to 23 August. Graham Nunn has helped me to select three poets to feature on LiteraryMinded in the weeks leading up to the festival. Revisit number one, A.F. Harrold; or number two, Hinemoana Baker, if you like. Enjoy!

Elizabeth Bachinsky is the author of three collections of poetry, Curio (BookThug, 2005), Home of Sudden Service (Nightwood Editions, 2006), and God of Missed Connections (Nightwood Editions, 2009). Her work was nominated for the Governor General’s Award for Poetry in 2006 and the Bronwen Wallace Award in 2004 and has appeared in literary journals, anthologies, and on film in Canada, the United States, France, Ireland, England, and China. She is an instructor of creative writing at Douglas College in New Westminster where she is poetry editor for Event magazine.

Photo by David Ellingsen.

Elizabeth has chosen to share ‘a video of me singing a Ukrainian folk song at 5700 ft in the Muskwa Kechika management area in Northern British Columbia. Not exactly a poem, but still pretty effing cool’:

Elizabeth Bachinsky on

the poetic life

I’m a traveller, a gatherer, a reader, and a performer. That’s the poet’s life I lead.


I take inspiration from pretty much everywhere. I’m never quite sure what (or who) will catch my interest until they’re right in front of me.

the Queensland Poetry Festival…

I  love to travel. This summer I travelled to, and am now writing about, the Muskwa Kechika, one of the last untouched boreal forests in North America. It’s way up north. We flew in by floatplane, rode packhorses into the bush, and camped out for a week or so.  So now, I’m really looking forward to reading at the Queensland Poetry Festival in Australia.  I can’t wait to go and meet Australian poets. It’s going to rock. That’s one of the best things about being a writer; you get to meet other writers. You realise pretty quick that you are part of a rather big community of like-minded people. Of course everyone has different opinions and thoughts and experiences, but you are all connected through this thing you feel impelled to do: writing. It’s humbling and enlightening and you get to learn a lot about people. I love what I do.

Have a look at the QPF program.

See Elizabeth’s blog.

Keep up to date on QPF happenings (and general poetry loveliness) on Graham Nunn’s blog Another Lost Shark.

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