kafka2Hey lit-sexies,

a brief round-up this weekend, because, as you know from the previous post I’m up to my neck in my own words (up to my forehead, really, being a bit suffocated by them). I’m half-way through the rewrite, and it’s going alright, but to be completely, searingly honest – it’s really, really hard and I went and bought more wine today. I’ll quit for the day soon and veg completely in front of a few DVDs, alowing my brain to mush-out. I’m going a little bit loco.

Drawing by Franz Kafka. Ah, love.

* So first, you probably know about the Dymocks Booklover email by now? It was hard for me to recieve that because I actually worked at Dymocks for four years, and I always stick up for chain bookstores because I know I’ve had some very passionate, lovely franchise owners as bosses. A shame that the company wants to give the general public one (very skewed) side of the story in the parallel importation debate. Others have written about this very well this week, so here are some links: The Weekly Book Newsletter brings you up to date on the official stance of publisher and bookseller organisations in the wake of the email; Book Thingo wrote a great post on why she won’t be signing the ‘Coalition for Cheaper Books’ petition; author Sheryl Gwyther has been keeping us up to date; Dee Scribe provides a valuable argument as to what a danger an open market would be, and encourages us to write to our pollies about it; Jeff Sparrow wrote a good overview of the situation for Crikey; an organisation has been set up by the ASA, APA etc. – Australians for Australian Books, also sign their petition, and join the Facebook group.

* The Williamstown Literary Festival is coming up in May, charmingly shortened to WilliLitFest. Some fantastic authors will be present. You can also follow them on Twitter.

*Submissions for Page Seventeen and Going Down Swinging are open. Both fantastic publications. I was in the previous Pg 17, also shortlisted for the short story comp, but not sure if I’ll have anything ready for either this time around. Go for it you guys!

* A callout has been made for people who want to exhibit their wares at the Page Parlour, at the Emerging Writers’ Festival:

As part of this years Emerging Writers’ Festival, we will be opening for business our first ever Page Parlour within the Atrium space of Federation Square on Sunday May the 31st from 12pm – 5pm.

If you are based in or around Melbourne, or intend to be in Melbourne at the beginning of June, and are a zinemaker, small press publisher, emerging writer, poet or comic artist – in fact anyone who has wrestled the word onto a page – Page Parlour is a great way for you to deliver your work to a wider audience. It will take place in The Atrium at Federation Square, a location that is both central and public, which will attract a large amount of foot traffic and expose stall holders to people who may not otherwise discover their work.

Stalls are free, however places are limited so please register early to avoid missing out. While the parlour is open to all who work with the word, we will prioritise independent publications, such as zines, self-published books and independent magazines, above other publications that are better supported in a retail context.

The Emerging Writers’ Festival is working with the Reading Matters Conference, Australia’s leading youth literature event, to attract new audiences for your work. The Reading Matters conference will be attended by teachers, librarians and literacy professionals and Page Parlour stallholders will have the option to recommend their work for distribution in places such as school libraries, as part of our special Reading Matters recommends program.

Also, as part of the Festivals ongoing role in Federation Square, stallholders will be offered an opportunity to have a table on a semi-regular (not weekly) basis at the weekly book fair Federation Square runs every Saturday in the Atrium.

To register your interest and receive a registration form, please email Zoë Barron at fair@emergingwritersfestival.org.au. Registrations close on the 18th of April, 2009.

* The next festival I’ll be appearing at is the Newstead Short Story Tattoo. The website is now up. Very excited about the panel I’ll be on called The Fictitious Woman:

The Fictitious Woman brings together some of the strongest storytelling female talent around including Carmel Bird, Cate Kennedy, Jospehine Rowe, Angela Meyer, Tiggy Johnson, Eleanor Marney (to be confirmed) and Newstead’s own Janet Barker.  This event will be MC’d by the driver of all things wordy, direct from Chewton, Zoe Dattner. 

Time:  Sat, 16/05/2009 11:30am Location:  Dig Cafe, Lyons st, Newstead

Wine time?

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