Hey lit-sexies, a brief round-up this weekend, because, as you know from the previous post I'm up to my neck in my own words (up to my forehead, really, being a bit suffocated by them). I'm half-way through the rewrite, and it's going alright, but to be completely, searingly honest - it's really, really hard … Continue reading Loco

Svetlana or Otherwise – Tiggy Johnson

Mockingbird, 2007, 9781740274616 Svetlana or Otherwise is a collection of small explorations. Tiggy Johnson constructs a story well, often ending with a surprise. Most of the stories revolve around a character in a family situation; some deal with memory; all of them touch on the ephemeral, as the best literature usually does. Some are in … Continue reading Svetlana or Otherwise – Tiggy Johnson