Stylish Book Trailer

… for young adult novel Gone, by Michael Grant, who wrote the ‘Animorphs’ series.

This is the first good book trailer I’ve seen. A development in the literary world I’m keeping an eye on. Obviously, it has a budget. But the concept is still quite simple. It has definitely got me intrigued. I also read the chapter sampler and it hooked me right in.

Have a squiz.

If you’ve seen any others, email me or comment – and I’ll do a round-up sometime: literaryminded [at] gmail [dot] com. Email me too, if you want to tell LM readers about your favourite book!

3 thoughts on “Stylish Book Trailer

  1. You had me at Animorphs, and then I read further and found out this book involves post-apocalyptic teenagers with special powers. I don’t need a trailer to know that I would probably enjoy this book.

    But I agree this is a well produced ad. I noticed from the imprint page in the chapter sampler that Egmont are licensing this book from HarperCollins US, so I did some digging and found the US book video: It’s interesting to see the differences in approach – the US version has more of a summer-blockbuster feel to me, while I think the Egmont video comes at the concept from a different, subtler angle. Which version do you think is more memorable?

    As for other examples: I have to admit some bias here, but my current favourite is It really captures the energy of the book.

  2. I think the HarperCollins preview is considerably less stylish – as you say, it has a ‘summer-blockbuster’ feel. In the Egmont one, the concept is simpler and heightens the intrigue. Definitely more memorable.

    The Mac Slater one is alright, yeah. Definitely gives you a feel of what the book would be like, without giving too much away.

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