At Varuna

The decision to create an unconventional blog post.

My book – what is it about?

Shattering the fake, bogus, counterfeit, persuado, phoney, pseudo, sham, similar, supposititious, artificial, celluloid, ersatz, imitation, plastic, assumed, imposturous, ostensible, professed, so-called, soi-disant, meretricious, flash, painted, adulterine, spurious, untrue, apocryphal, fabulous…

Oh, but it is fictitious.

Embroiled in our own complexity. Contradictions. For my characters it is life or death. What else is there? What else is IN there? Some want to maintain surfaces, save face. Others sense more. Some even fight for it. Some discover it. Some can’t handle it once it’s present.

It is set in 1970. War and society, people within society, people at war, people looking at war. Inner battles. Battles behind doors. Battles wanting to be fought. A need of conflict. A run from conflict. A running into each other with all this going on.

I write and work. Peter Bishop’s knowledge of good fiction fills me – passion, intimacy and control. I strive to create a connection with readers. I am inspired by the other writers, their stories. I eat Sheila’s warm food. It nourishes my sore throat. I have blanket and heater. I don’t sleep well at night so find the morning hard. I stretch out on my yoga mat. I write and I take breaks, listening to The Doors and reading the thesaurus under the desk, curling over into plough pose. I don’t know my motivation. I just want to write. I go for walks in the low cloud. I keep remembering home (my new home) in Melbourne. Uni essays to write, many book reviews, work possibilities. Finding a flat. I try and rest these thoughts.

I’m going to enter the Vogel. If I don’t win and get published through that, I want Random House Vintage. I want to have a book. I will work on my short stories for my thesis. I will rewrite my 1st manuscript as a young adult novel. I will write my 3rd manuscript, set in WW2 in Victoria and in Norway. I will never stop. I love it. And I love being at Varuna. The freedom to get things done. The privilege of being here where so many writers have come. The inspiration and guidance of a brilliant mentor.

6 thoughts on “At Varuna

  1. Hey, I wrote a comment and then the computer screwed it up, so i’ll be brief !! It’s Arish btw (Yasmin’s brother), give me a call when you are meeting up with her.. Also, I highly recommend reading fight club, its a very ‘male novel’ , but I think it offers some deep insights into materialism, masculinity, violence as a part of masculinity and generally, working class resentment (like Grapes of Wrath) and Gen Y. .. The writing is very sparse using verbs instead of adjectives.. Also some of the metaphors , eg. this one which highlights the unthinking nature of consumerism are brillant …A single frame in a movie is on the screen for one-sixtieth of a second. Divide a second into sixty different parts. That’s how long the erection is. Towering four stories tall over the popcorn auditorium, slippery red and terrible, and no one sees it.

  2. PD – I will fulfil my tagging duty soon!Arish I do love the film of ‘Fight Club for all those reasons. The book is definitely on my (very long) list :-)BTW I don’t have your number, but would love to catch up – add me on FB if you have it.LM

  3. Hi Angela, well done on your completion of your manuscript{s}. I would desperately love to spend some time at Varuna but alas life often works against me. I really admire your drive and ambition to seek out your goals. Good luck with getting published and the vogel award.CheersNichole

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