National Young Writers' Festival, Newcastle 2007 – Highlights

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the whole festival, but I had a wonderful drunken time at the ‘Mega-Mega Launch’ last Saturday night. On Sunday I attended a couple of sessions and checked out the Zine fair. Overall, my experience was enlightening. Anyone who misses the potential of Australian youth or believes them apathetic is delusional. And they sure know how to have a good time. Here are some photo highlights –

Ryan Paine – Is that a Voiceworks in your pocket?

David Prater – editor of Cordite and master poet. See also my earlier interview with him, Jill Jones, and Paul Hardacre.

Three ladies and a Sex Mook.

Thriller writer James Phelan and the very talented Christopher Currie, writer and co-editor of Eatbooks.

I didn’t catch his name but The Matrix changed his life, here with Andrew Hutchinson, author of Rohypnol.

Andrew, myself and James (thanks again for dinner guys!)

The crazy-wonderful presenters at the Mega-Mega Launch.


The team behind the Sex Mook – including Julian Fleetwood (editor) and Lisa Dempster (publisher – Vignette Press).


The ‘serious’ novelist versus the author of Fox Hunt and Patriot Act

One thought on “National Young Writers' Festival, Newcastle 2007 – Highlights

  1. Great pictorial roundup! Good to see the laydees enjoying the sex mook, and sniggering over one of my favourite pics from the mook. And you’ve managed to display the only known photo of Vignette Press accepting their sexy Mega Mega Launch award… cool! Was great to meet you at the festival.

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