National Young Writers' Festival, Newcastle 2007 – Highlights

Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend the whole festival, but I had a wonderful drunken time at the 'Mega-Mega Launch' last Saturday night. On Sunday I attended a couple of sessions and checked out the Zine fair. Overall, my experience was enlightening. Anyone who misses the potential of Australian youth or believes them apathetic is … Continue reading National Young Writers' Festival, Newcastle 2007 – Highlights

Voiceworks #69 'Identikit' – A Responsive Review

Depending on which side you open it from (a magazine with an identity crisis?) you will not be disappointed with the latest issue of Voiceworks, an Australian magazine that showcases the creative talent of under 25s. It is non-profit, literary, and intellectual without being inaccessible. ‘We are the youth and we are not apathetic’, it … Continue reading Voiceworks #69 'Identikit' – A Responsive Review