heterogenesis – a poem

it was not the kiss of the spider-woman
that led him to Giovanni’s room
so small a thing as a boy
climbing fairy mountain

it was not ennui of cohabitation
that led her to jiggery-pokery
tongue-flicks on a jew’s harp
unsheathed fingertips

not mutated but heteronumerous
a pastiche of emotivity
breast by cheek by bone
awaiting naturalisation

4 thoughts on “heterogenesis – a poem

  1. Heterogenesis (2)Newton understood,But not completely.The apple landed far,From the tree.And landed upon,Some fertile ground,Caught the blight,And grew into a weed.

  2. Anonymous – thank you for your contribution, I LOVE itHermit – If you look up the words and see how I have contextualised them to mean certain things, plus there is some intertextuality… but I hate to explain myself too much

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