Baudrillard's Beach – a Poem

Peering over the top
of the cereal box –
some generic headland
70s eyeshadow gradation
bleached beach, fingernail curve
board-wax chests
silicon animorphised.
A print on my wall
or a window, you ask?
Baudrillard’s beach
if either
the print
on my retina
has been cast.

2 thoughts on “Baudrillard's Beach – a Poem

  1. So the image is burned on your retina. It is not clear if you are happy about it or if you are critical of the hyperreal. Is it the cereal packet what done it?In the hyperreal a woman who can feel for words can surf the void without being knocked off by the ‘object being’. You may find great powers here as the feminine object because us males are the subject and we dont know where we are, who we are, or when we were.Good luck to you in the void. Let me know if you are happy with it.Herm

  2. The poem is more general – it’s not really just about me in the void – though perhaps I am seeing things differently. It’s about how even something natural (the beach) can become just an image. All the meanings that could really be felt are lost when people are told to feel certain things. eg. ‘win a holiday’ pictures on your cereal box construct the beach in a certain way. In an image-saturated culture, it is hard to regain tangibility.Basically…:-)

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