Review: Owls Do Cry by Janet Frame in Readings Monthly

owls do cryI reviewed Owls Do Cry by Janet Frame (released with a new foreword by Margaret Drabble in the Text Classics series) for Readings Monthly, with the book still ringing in my head (hence the style of the review). When I read Frame I am reminded, too, that a writer might deliberately eschew grammar rules, in aid of rhythm or mood (and that’s the only nod I’ll give on here to something that happened last week). Here’s an extract:

‘[Frame] pierced the world with her eyes and her senses and we’ll always have the treasure, like this, her first novel, sitting among the best modern novels, so sharp and vivid a voice, so sure so early on, despite the hurt and horror of what she had already been through; a writer and a poet waiting always inside her (and here now) in the place of treasures and darkness, with her own sense of punctuating space, her own way of seeing how the world is like the body and how the body contains a torrent of images and worlds of associated sensations…’

Read the rest here. And then go and buy it (and everything else by Janet Frame).

5 thoughts on “Review: Owls Do Cry by Janet Frame in Readings Monthly

  1. Very emotional, Lisa.
    And thanks Catherine! I hope you enjoy the experience when you get to it.

  2. I absolutely love Janet Frame. Besotted is probably the word – since I saw An Angel At My Table when I was about to start uni and thought, ‘that’s me!’ I loved visiting the parts of New Zealand where she grew up, and I even thought Eleanor Catton had an inkling of her manner and the way she spoke.

    • I can’t believe I haven’t been to NZ yet… I’m besotted, too. And amazed still when I mention she’s a favourite and people have never heard of her. Do you have a favourite? It was Faces in the Water that I read first, and will probably always love the most.

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