Note to publicists & publishers re sending me books

via skepticlawyer

via skepticlawyer

In the absence of any kind of time lately I’m putting this note up here on the blog until I find time to try to email all the publicists/publishers who kindly send me books to consider for review.

I’ll be out of the country from 25 July until (probably) late January 2014. And up until I leave I have plenty of books that I would like to get to. I will be blogging overseas, and attending the Edinburgh Book Festival, but I’ll also be researching a specific area (mid- to late-19th century Scotland) and will be limiting my reading for a while to this area (besides any events I may be running). So I won’t be reviewing very much (outside of commissions) and, of course, I won’t be here to receive books at my usual PO Box address.

In short, it’s probably best to stop sending me books as of right now until next year! (I will miss those packages!) Keep an eye on this blog or let me know (literaryminded at gmail dot com) if you’d like me to notify you when I return, and let you know what I’m up to in terms of reviewing books.

I’m happy to remain on email lists, to stay in the loop.

And if there’s anything you’ve sent recently that you would like returned, or would like me to  give away on the blog, get in touch and we’ll see if we can arrange something. I would like to avoid postage costs, of course, but there’s definitely much here I’m not sure what to do with (or what indeed is ethical…?). Some of the books obviously I won’t get to in the next little while but would still love to read one day! Any issues, get in touch…

And I’ll definitely be trying to contact publicists individually over the next few weeks but feel free to email me or comment if you’ve read this so I know you’ve seen it.

Thanks so much!

5 thoughts on “Note to publicists & publishers re sending me books

  1. Oh dear, I wish I had that problem! Any publishers reading this, I’d be more than happy to read new novels…Enjoy the time overseas…

  2. But do they take any notice? The arrangement I have with all the publishers I review for is that I’ll respond to their publicity with requests for books that interest me, still some of them send unsolicited books! In law, I can do what I like with them as is legal with any unsolicited goods, but still, I wish they wouldn’t do this.

    • Last time I went O/S for three months I emailed as many pubs as I could directly but still came home to a big pile of books. Understandably they are very busy and databases are hard to maintain, but they’re wasting a lot of money! Some pubs are fantastic, they really know what to send me. Others seem to send me everything,and sometimes twice! I keep books for a year or more usually before deciding I won’t get to them, and then give them away. But at this point I really have to downsize, so it’s tricky. But I’m glad you mentioned that legal aspect. Thanks!

    • Thanks! And if you’d like some, send me an email and you can come and take your pick! (You’re Melbourne-based, aren’t you?)

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