I’m baaaaaack & upcoming events

Having a month off social media was wonderful, I’d highly recommend it. I was able to work on many different projects without distraction (and without comparing myself to others so much). Despite thesis and job-searching stress, my mind felt calmer, and I was able to concentrate for longer stretches. Most of all, as I’d intended, I was able to have a good think about the role social media plays in my life (and my career). And I’ve decided that participating in social media is beneficial to me, but it’s not essential. I really enjoy the interactions I have with friends and like-minded people through blogging, Facebook, Twitter etc.—I certainly missed the status updates of specific people—but I can also live a perfectly happy, fulfilled life without being constantly connected.

LiteraryMinded still plays a role in my career, which is wonderful, but I’ve realised that I’ve published and presented enough on- and off-line that even if I curtail my social media use, I won’t be missing out on any opportunities. So I’ll be writing just as much, but across the board: pieces online and for print media, and much longer pieces that will surface at some point in time.

The thesis is… getting there. And I’ve been very busy besides. You may have seen my piece in Crikey about David Bowie’s new song (which I am intensely excited about). I’ve also interviewed Graeme Simsion, author of the charming romantic comedy The Rosie Project, for The Big Issue, that’ll be out next Friday (8 Feb). You can also catch Graeme Simsion and I in conversation at Readings in Carlton next Thursday (7 Feb) at 5:30.

This year I’m running the Dog’s Tales storytelling events at Dog’s Bar in St Kilda! The first one is this coming Monday (4 Feb), featuring Meg Mundell and David Sornig. It’ll run monthly from then on (all the details are here). Come along, have a drink, and listen to some great writers. There’s also a short open mic slot at each event, and you must register your interest in advance. You can do that  by emailing me: literaryminded at gmail dot com.

The programs are out for the Perth Writers Festival, and the Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival. I’m chairing events at each of these lovely festivals, and I’ll also be giving a blogging workshop on the Sunday (24 Feb) in Perth.

I’ll be teaching a two-day course on blogging and social media for beginners at the NSW Writers’ Centre in April. It was great fun last year, and some wonderful blogs came out of it. Doing it over two days gives the students time to play around during the course and ask me lots of questions, which really works.

Phew! I’ve been saving that all up. I hope you’ve all had a nice, relaxing and productive month. See you when I see you.

8 thoughts on “I’m baaaaaack & upcoming events

  1. As one of those who did the blogging course at the Writers’ Centre, I can highly recommend it for getting your old arse into gear if you would like to do a blog but need a bit of a prod, and Angela is a wonderfully inspiring teacher. I look forward to seeing your Big Issue interview. Keep us posted!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Kirsten. I’m so proud of the fact your great blog was at least partly inspired by the course!

  2. See you at the Festival later this month, Angela. I’m sitting at my computer in my official lurid orange shirt as I speak. 🙂

  3. Interested in your experience of having a ‘dry’ January in social media terms. I think it can become addictive (checking how many visitors/viewers as well as the actual writing) which in turn allows it to develop into be a diversion from the thing you really want to do….but this ability to make real connections with people who you would never normally come into contact with as well as building a potential audience/readership is fascinating. However, in order to have a creative & productive life I suspect the boring answer is that – as in everything else – balance is the key.

  4. I’ve been forced to learn about balance and the question of my interaction online came up. To be honest, I wasn’t aware how problematic it was or how it controlled me. Now I schedule timeslots every day designed for social media/blogging/Facebook/Twitter (and Google+) *sigh. Living with my parents again and having them police my over-indulgent or ‘too-long at computer’ crimes helps. I’ve connected with books, given them the time they deserve and connected with myself again… am I being kind to myself is a question I often ask. Definitely not as 2012 proved. Thank you Angela.

    • Thanks Sam! I’m thinking about it. Wasn’t sure if it would almost defeat the purpose? No, maybe I will if I get time… 🙂 Thanks for your interest!

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