Perth Writers Festival 2013

I’m extremely pleased to be invited back to the Perth Writers Festival in February 2013. The full program will be released in January but you can view a list of writers who will be attending here. It includes Margaret Atwood, Kunal Basu, James Meek, Anna Funder, Isobelle Carmody, Lawrence Norfolk, Anne de Courcy, Michael Leunig, China Mieville and tons more. Hope to see you there.

4 thoughts on “Perth Writers Festival 2013

    • Thanks John! I hope there’s a panel with Mieville and Atwood, and that I’m not chairing one at the same time…

  1. There is a better than average chance that I’ll be volunteering at PWF 2013, in much the same way as I did in 2012 and 2011. If that happens you may be certain that I will come and say ‘hello’. Or some local West Aussie equivalent.

    (nah, just kidding…we pretty much just say ‘hello’ here too…well, I do, anyway…)

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