On blogging, social media, reading & writing

I was recently interviewed by David Minh Tran at The Signal Express, a publication by Express Media. He asked me about my long-term blogging life, my thoughts on social media, my short stories, and he asked some very tricky questions about favourite books and authors. You can check it out here.

Express Media are a great organisation, I’ve previously run workshops for them around country Vic and appeared on a few panels and Q&As. They also produce the excellent magazine Voiceworks, which publishes writing by under-25s. Much of their activities are for/by under-30s, and if you’re in that age group I encourage you to check out the organisation.

I might also just *eh hem* remind you that if you like the cut of my jib, I’d be so happy if you clicked on the hearts in my SOYA profile, to put me ahead for the people’s choice award. It takes just a minute or two.

Update: I’ve also recently been interviewed by Benjamin Solah for Embedded Literati, on blogging and the Melbourne lit scene.

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