Melbourne Writers Festival 2012: summary

I write again from bed, still recovering from this ridiculously prolonged cold. Despite not feeling the best for much of the second weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed the 2012 Melbourne Writers Festival and my roles as Morning Read MC and official blogger. There were five Morning Read sessions, each featuring four (diverse) writers. The audience seemed to agree that being read to was a very fine way to wake up, and we had a good little crowd each morning.

Morning Read day 1 with Majok Tulba, Zoe Foster, Gig Ryan and Sloane Crosley. Pic via Melbourne Writers Festival.

I put together many blog posts in the lead-up to, and during, the festival (in fact, when I run into people and they ask about my blogging being more ‘quiet’ lately, I get rather frustrated!). Here is a full list of the posts:

Charles Dickens’ London with Simon Callow
Writing and playing Dickens: Q&A with Simon Callow
Five facts: Sefi Atta
Five facts: Sloane Crosley
Book review: Beneath the Darkening Sky by Majok Tulba
(More than) five facts: Majok Tulba
Five facts: Zoë Foster
Five facts: Uzodinma Iweala
Football and figuring out: Paul D Carter on Eleven Seasons
Five (or more) facts: Toni Jordan
Freak out in a moonage daydream: Sean M Whelan on Liner Notes
The Age Book of the Year awards
A brief intro to a vast subject: The Other Africa
A work in progress on Work in Progress
Mini-reviews: Nine Days by Toni Jordan, Gold by Chris Cleave
Five facts: John Boyne
Thoughts on ‘Thoughts on Thoughts’

I also tweeted quite a few sessions, including ‘in conversation’ events with Gerald Murnane, Gillian Mears, Patrick Gale and David Vann, of you feel like scrolling back through my feed. My colleague Mark Welker wrote-up the Vann session in more detail.

Besides getting better and getting back on top of my work, in the next few days I’m looking forward to scrolling through more posts by the emerging bloggers that the festival engaged this year. You can click through to their blogs from here.

I hope you enjoyed MWF if you were able to get along. It was lovely to meet up with many of you during the festival, too. I hope you have escaped the ‘writer plague’…

2 thoughts on “Melbourne Writers Festival 2012: summary

  1. Zinc! Get zinc – according to New Scientist it is the only thing that reduces the length of a cold….I’ve missed the festival due to sniffles and other committments…next year….

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