The Dinner by Herman Koch reviewed in the Australian

My review of black satire The Dinner, by Dutch author Herman Koch, has been published in the Australian. You can read the review here (it doesn’t seem to be pay-walled).

Just wanted to let you all know I’ve been away all week with my family—sad circumstances, but we’re all OK—and I’m very busy over the next few weeks. To add to it all, I’m having computer issues. Blogging may be a bit slow, but I’ll be around. X

3 thoughts on “The Dinner by Herman Koch reviewed in the Australian

  1. Hi Angela

    It gives the following intro as a teaser, but then asks for a log-in:

    Black satire plates up a disturbing dish: ‘WE need to talk about our children,” says politician Serge Lohman to his brother Paul over dinner at a fancy restaurant.

    It is Paul’s head, simmering with contempt, that the reader inhabits for the space of Herman Koch’s dark satirical thriller, a huge hit in The Netherlands and now available in English translation.

    On another note, have you published or blogged anything on the art of writing reviews? There’s a growing demand for a reflective piece among AWW bookbloggers.


    • Sorry, Angela – it was only seeing Glen’s response below that I realised I hadn’t read the rest of your post (I followed here from an email snippet). Please ignore the above reply. It sounds like you have enough to worry about right now.

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