Geek Mook launch; Killings interview

Geeks! My latest published piece is an essay on Ghostbusters, in Geek Mook, to be launched at Bella Union bar, Trade’s Hall, on 13 July. See the invite on Facebook.

Pretty sure I’ll be dressed up and reading a snippet from my essay, so do come along and ask me if you can please see the storage facility Mr Venkman.

More about the Mook (magazine/book), edited by Aaron Mannion and Julian Novitz:

Geek Mook explores the worlds of hackers, gamers, steam punk fashionistas, trekkies, neo-punk trainspotters and obsessives of all the other fixations that give us a reason to stave off death (and quite frequently sex as well). The book explores the ways the ways geek, literary and human have crashed up and mashed up in our lives and imagination. Geek Mook exposes the fleshy heart beneath the robot carapace.

Don’t miss it. And if someone asks if you’re a God, say YES.

Also, there is an interview with me up at the Killings blog today re the ‘A Drink with…’ series. Check it out!

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