LiteraryMinded’s fifth blog anniversary tomorrow

Tomorrow will be five years since I started LiteraryMinded. Will you help me out with a fun, self-indulgent blog post to celebrate my years of steady blogging? Please ask me one question or send one prompt (ie. a picture or link) for me to respond to in a blog post tomorrow. You can leave your qs/prompts in the comments below.

I’ve already started a thread of Facebook. To give you some examples, people are asking about things I’ve learnt, where I’ll be in ten years time, whether I am in fact the Keymaster; and they are ‘prompting’ me with YouTube vids. I will respond to all of them in a post (or a few) tomorrow, in LiteraryMinded’s five year anniversary blog spectacular!

Thanks in advance…

28 thoughts on “LiteraryMinded’s fifth blog anniversary tomorrow

  1. So excited for you, Ange, and as a recent blogger, I can see what an immense achievement this is! Why are you so passionate about Australian literature? And what set you off on that passion?

  2. Is it at all difficult to cover literature given the amount of time it takes to read a book (taking into account varying lengths) can be so absorbing? I ask this from the perspective of a film critic, who knows that I only need devote about 90-120 minutes to a movie, and can keep relatively on top of it all accordingly.

  3. i’m reminded of tao lin pondering his future regard, wondering whether he & his friends will be labeled the blogniks. you’re one of the blogniks angela.

  4. You are asked to describe your blog to someone who has never read it. Using mime. You’re allowed to use three props. What would they be and why?

    During the zombie apocalypse you are only allowed to bring one book (you need to carry a lot of canned goods). What book would you take with you to the end of the world?

    David Bowie is great. Discuss.

  5. who would you say are the other bloggers – say other emerging writers who were around blogging when you started – who have inspired you the MOST?

  6. Do you find it difficult to keep up to date with literature given the amount of time it takes to read a book (taking into account varying lengths)? I’m asking from the perspective of a film critic. When I watch a film, I know I only need devote 90-120 minutes to it, and can schedule accordingly. It’s easy to keep up to date with nearly everything on release. Keeping up to date with literature must surely be a whole different prospect: do you pick and choose more carefully, or maybe focus on specific trends/styles?

  7. Alexandra asked the question I wanted to ask about the zombie apocalypse. Looking forward to your response.
    I enjoy reading and watching your interviews with authors online and onstage at writers festivals (and am very privileged to have been one of them!) What’s the most interesting experience you’ve had interviewing an author? What’s the secret to conducting a good interview?
    Picture prompt:

  8. Yays! I’m going to list a bunch and you can totally choose whichever one (1) you want to answer, woo!

    During all those years, what was/were your:
    Favourite event(s)?
    Best video of a cat?
    Most awesome material possession accumulated?
    Favourite person to talk to?
    Worst thing to happen to you?
    Most lol-worthy interview?
    Books that you just couldn’t put down?
    Books that you just couldn’t finish?
    New historical figures respected?


  9. You meet you from five years ago near where those Peruvian dudes busk on Bourke Street, but it’s you from five years ago. You can’t hear a thing, what with all that pan pipe action, so in the end you invite your younger self to a nondescript dumplings house in Chinatown. What advice do you pass on?

  10. You meet you near those Peruvian dudes that busk in the Bourke Street Mall, but she’s you from five years ago. You try to talk to each other but can’t hear a thing on account of the pan pipes, so you shout, “Dumplings!” into her ear, and she nods. What advice do you pass on as you make your way to Chinatown?

  11. Many congratulations, Angela. You’re a star. Here’s to the next five.

    1) How did you become a Bowie fan, and what is your favourite Bowie song?
    2) What was the most heartrending book/story/poem/film you’ve ever read or watched?
    3) What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do? (Well, perhaps not hardest, but pretty damn hard within reasonable limits.)

    Keep up the good work because, after all, someone’s gotta do it 😉

  12. Congrats, lovely lady! Great milestone.

    I can’t seem to stop obsessing at the moment about narrating the self, so my question’s related to that. How do you see the character of yourself over the course of the blog? What parts of her have changed? What has stayed the same? If she were a character in a novel, what novel would it be (one that already exists, or perhaps a type of novel)?

  13. Congratulations, Angela! My question is tangential to Amra’s above, (apologies if someone else has already asked it!): how has reviewing books helped your own creative writing? All the best for the next five and beyond – and see you @ SWF. Cheers, John.

  14. many congratulations on five years, and here’s to five more!

    my question is this…what is your LEAST favorite (i won’t say worst, though that was my first inclination) book you’ve read in this five years, and why?

    also, let’s talk about the sky. at what time of day is the sky the most beautiful to you?

  15. Congratulations Angela – I’m in awe!

    My questions:
    Who has been the most surprising person you’ve interviewed (differing perhaps from your expectations)?

    What is the best piece of advice about literary blogging and / or reviewing you’ve received?

    xxx B

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