Token Miles Franklin shortlist blog post

The Miles Franklin Literary Award 2012 shortlist has been announced. And I have absolutely nothing controversial to say about it! Despite the amount of Australian fiction I read (more than almost anyone I know) I haven’t read them all. I’ll at least get to the winner (after I hopefully find time to read the 2012 Vogel-winning novel Eleven Seasons by Paul D Carter).

The shortlisted books are:

Blood by Tony Birch

Read the judges’ notes

(paperback available) 

All That I Am by Anna Funder

Read the judges’ notes

(paperback and ebook available)

Foal’s Bread by Gillian Mears

Read the judges’ notes and my mini-review

(paperback and ebook available)

Cold Light by Frank Moorhouse

Read the judges’ notes

(paperback and ebook available)

Past The Shallows by Favel Parrett

Read the judges’ notes

(paperback and ebook available)

A huge congratulations to the authors! Have you read many of them yet? Which book do you think will be the winner?

6 thoughts on “Token Miles Franklin shortlist blog post

  1. I have only read Foal’s bread which I loved a lot. I’d like to read all of them … which is not always the case for me with the Miles Franklin. I read the first in the Moorhouse trilogy a couple of decades ago, and loved it but never did get around to the second. I’d like to read Cold Light given it’s rather close to home. But really, all seem worth reading and what a diverse looking collection eh?

    • I feel the same–that I’d like to read all of them. I found the first in the Edith trilogy in an op-shop recently and it’s been near the top of the to-read pile since then. I’m such a fan of Moorhouse’s shorter writings. I’d like to read the Edith books in order. The Anna Funder probably interests me the most after that.

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  4. Foal’s Bread, for me, is a great Australian novel, far more significant (in Australian literature, without touching on the greater subject of world literature) than Funder’s All That I Am. I will shortly give my review of All That I Am on my blog, Meanwhile, please visit my review of Foal’s Bread, at

    Congratulations, Gillian, for the recognition of your superb work in the Prime Minister’s Literary Awards 2012!!! I hope you will continue to write and inspire us with your stories of ordinary (extraordinary) people.

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