Sherlock Holmes squashes Watson’s pea: a diversion

'I like it whole, so you can feel it pop.'

I’ve just come home from an exhausting, wonderful, trip to Sydney, Coffs Harbour and Bellingen. Thanks and hello to the NSW Writers’ Centre and my lovely class members from last weekend; and the organisers, authors and attendees at the Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival. The trip was particularly rewarding for me as I got to stay with my folks!

I’ve been too busy to do much blog writing, so here’s a small diversion for you while I finish putting together my Alan Hollinghurst interview, and write a book review or two. I’ll also post my Big Issue interview with Deborah Robertson soon, and you also can catch us talking in person tomorrow (Tuesday) night at Readings Carlton. [Update: the readings event seems to have been cancelled… *sadface*]

So, the diversion. The YouTube user won’t let me embed, but trust me, it’s worth clicking through…

From the Sherlock Holmes film Murder by Decree (1979) which G and I recently stayed up late to catch on ABC1, starring Christopher Plummer and James Mason:

Holmes squashes Watson’s pea.


6 thoughts on “Sherlock Holmes squashes Watson’s pea: a diversion

  1. Amazing coincidence: I’ve just started reading Deborah Robertson’s first book “Proudflesh” from 1997. I bought it on a whim last Friday night because it is relatively old, and (so I imagine) probably rather forgotten. Her stories are excellent. I love the way Freo Press keep on bringing talented writers out into the light (God bless ’em.) I suppose I’d better think about casting an eye over “Careless” soon…

    Sounds like you’ve been having a good time lately 🙂 I suppose there won’t be an audio version of your interview tomorrow night with the good lady herself…?

    • That is a coincidence! I don’t believe Readings do audio of these kinds of in-store events, I’m afraid. 😦 Enjoy her work!

      • Yeah, I guess I was thinking about how obliging my local ABC are about doing podcasts. They seem to turn up to these sorts of things even when they’re not asked to. And I didn’t realise that Readings was a private bookshop.

        Oh well, I can still nab a Big Issue…:)

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