New ejournal: Review of Australian Fiction

I’ve just sampled the first issue of a new ejournal called Review of Australian Fiction, which will publish a short story by one established and one emerging author each issue (fortnightly). You can subscribe to all six issues in Volume One for $12.99, or buy them individually. There will be four volumes each year. Info can be found here.

Issue One features stories by Christos Tsiolkas and Kalinda Ashton. I preferred Ashton’s, the story of a self-aware teenager. It manages to be both gloomy and bright. She’s such a fantastic writer. Tsiolkas’ story is about a fight between a couple after a dinner party: lovers, grudges, history. It has a typical Christos opening: ‘Jesus F. Christ, I wanted to smack that bitch.’ Heh.

I think it’s a pretty great initiative. I’m not a big fan, generally, as I don’t have an iPad, but it’s fine for short stories as I can read them on my laptop or iPhone (I prefer epub files on an e-ink ereader for longer ebooks). But are heavily supporting Australian content, which is fab. Also, the authors receive royalties, just as they do when publishing a novel, so it’s great for them.

I was disappointed to notice three typos in the issue, though! I know it sounds pedantic, but the issue isn’t very long so that’s quite a few. I hope they bring on an extra proofreader next time. That’s fair to the authors and the reader.

Update: The editor emailed me to say they’ve made some corrections, so I’m sure all is now well.

The next issue will have stories by Georgia Blain and PM Newton. In case you’re wondering how they’re defining ‘established’ and ’emerging’, it’s whether the author has ‘published three books’ or ‘has published fewer than three books’. The established author chooses the emerging author they want to appear beside.

If you’re an established author and are interested in contributing, I’m sure manager Phil Crowley (manager at reviewofaustralianfiction dot com) and editor Matthew Lamb (editor at reviewofaustralianfiction dot com) would be happy to hear from you.

7 thoughts on “New ejournal: Review of Australian Fiction

  1. This is such a great idea that has a lot of potential, and I hope other publishers take it up as well, but sadly, the Book.ish model does limit it’s reach. I’ve seen so many people on the tram lately, since Christmas with Kindles and other eInk readers. There’s an audience right there but for some reason Australian publishing is cutting them off. I don’t quite understand why.

    But it is a real concern to me that every new and innovative thing coming out of Australian publishing that’s concerning digital, are using a cloud system and not downloadable files. I know I go on it a bit about it, but I don’t think it’s due to other formats not supporting Australian content. Those formats are open to everyone.

    • Heya Ben,
      The comments I got on Facebook were along these lines, too! Lucky we can buy (epub) ebooks now from Australian suppliers like Booktopia and Pages & Pages. I also hope that more innovative projects such as Review of Australian Fiction will release in dual formats, to give people a choice. You’re so right that many of us want a downloadable file that we can read on the ereaders we already have, not on a browser-based system. As I mentioned, I don’t mind so much with short fiction, but many do.

  2. It’s a shame they don’t take unsolicited work. But I’m guessing that, whether or not the original idea was to solicit all their contributions, they haven’t the editorial resources to read reams and reams of submissions.

  3. I noticed that Midnight Echo, the magazine of the Australian Horror Writers Association has gone digital too, and opted for options to download as PDF, EPUB or .mobi which is exciting. I’ve already bought my copy and sent it to my Kindle. The magazine is also great too.

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