I’m back! A quick note…

I’m up at 1:27 eating cheese, which means I’m back, and jet-lagged baby.

My intentions for the blog while travelling were very good, but, you know… Europe, summer, etc. Once my head feels right again (I also have a rotten cold) I’ll be back in blog-land with news, reviews, some travel-related discoveries and more. I am going to try to drag myself to Melbourne Writers Festival opening night tomorrow, because I’d absolutely hate to miss Jonathan Franzen in convo, plus the announcement of the Age Book of the Year awards. See some of you there? Please excuse the black-rimmed eyes and the regrowth. I’ll try to wear something bright in order to blind you.

I won’t start telling you about the trip yet, and the things I read and wrote. That will all come. I’m sorry to my guest reviewers, too. Your posts are standing quietly in a queue like the one I met in every ladies loo in Europe. Their turn will come.

It is strange to be back, though. So many times I looked out train windows and out over unfamiliar skylines and thought: soon this will all feel like a dream. And I looked closer, and breathed in, and then let go.

Have I changed? Yes, a little bit. Some things come to the fore and others fade: worries, priorities, desires. You learn some things, too – not just about history but about people, about the present, about your own tastes (and limits). And man did we eat and drink.

Back to work now. I’m doing some judging, some interviews, a workshop, and I’ll get back into reviewing soon. The priority is my own writing and thesis, of course. Thank you for your patience. I hope you did enjoy the posts that went up while I was away. They’ll be coming more frequently soon…

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