Quick update: festivals

This weekend: The Newstead Short Story Tattoo. Short stories, bonfires, lovely people. Majorly sad I have to miss it this year. Go if you can. Stop on the way for pies and cakes. Get intimate with masters of the short form from Josephine Rowe to Ian Irvine to Don Walker.

In one week: Sydney Writers’ Festival begins. Too many amazing authors to name, political chats, panels about place, beauty, food, history, romance, something called The Big Reading, kids camping out overnight with Morris Gleitzman – and I’m going for the first time! See you over the second weekend. Michael Cunningham FTW. Haven’t had it confirmed yet whether there’s some available wi-fi for me to blog on the go. If not, watch Twitter and I’ll blog on it afterwards. The terribly sad news is that dissident Chinese writer Liao Yiwu has been barred from visiting Australia, and the festival, by the Chinese government. His work will still appear in some events at the festival, read more about it here.

In three weeks: the Emerging Writers’ Festival is on. A fun festival with a fantastic array of inclusive events. It’s a festival for writers, not just about them – and writers in all forms and genres. Check out the program, take out one of the ‘books’ in the Living Library, buy some zines at the Page Parlour, and come to the Dirty Words event – my pick of the fest. See you there.

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