A literary proposal

A review copy of Christopher Currie’s debut novel The Ottoman Motel is sitting neatly in my to-read pile, but the final edition that is officially released on 2 May and is circulating now contains a very special message on the acknowledgements page. Click here to take a look:

Chris Currie’s proposal

But how did it all unfold? I asked Chris and he told me:

‘One of the big things I’ve learnt after getting a publishing deal is how LONG everything takes. The contracts, the rewrites, the re-rewrites, the printing, the waiting… But I had no idea what a real wait was. I figured that you only get one chance for your first book, and first marriage proposal, so why not have both? I wrote and sent off my acknowledgments page on March 1, and had to wait over a month to be able to show it to Leesa. My editor Mandy Brett, and all at Text Publishing were wonderful, rushing the book up to me in time for Leesa’s birthday, so I could propose in style. A ring is one thing to hide, a book is quite another. And, I suppose, the really brave (or stupid) thing was knowing that my proposal would be in print forever, and I would look like a real idiot if it didn’t come off.

We were drinking champagne on a rooftop bar when I produced the book, telling Leesa to read the acknowledgments, and, being the observant person she is, saw the word “marry” straight away. She said “yes, of course I will,” even before I got a chance to show her the ring (here’s another thing: jewellers need to provide you with boxes with apparent hinges: I spent a good minute trying to get the box open under the table) and get down on one knee. I said, “Are you sure?” which is another thing not to say when someone has agreed to marry you, but nonetheless it all worked out for the best. The support I’ve had from my friends, family and booklovers in general has already been amazing.

And now the most sublime moment in my life is preserved in the best way possible. Let’s see you do that, e-books!’


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