Miles Franklin Literary Award Longlist

I usually wait to blog about the Miles Franklin when the shortlist is announced, but I think the longlist is exciting this year so I wanted to mention it. I’ve read four of the books, and have another couple in my pile. It’s great to see new voices getting recognition. And I’m happy to see small publishers Transit Lounge, Wakefield Press, and big small publisher Scribe, on the list.

The list is as follows:

What’s my pick at this stage? Well, it’s no secret I love Chris Womersley’s Bereft, and it was a fantastic book to read in tandem with Patrick Holland’s The Mary Smokes Boys, a novel that really stayed with me. I’ll make more predictions when the shortlist is announced on 19 April.

The winner will be announced on 22 June, in Melbourne.

3 thoughts on “Miles Franklin Literary Award Longlist

  1. I know it’s an annual argument, but isn’t the Miles Franklin supposed to reward novels that portray ‘Australian life in any of its phases’? These all seem to qualify bar one, the Bauer book – not a bad book by any means but nothing to do with Australia or Australian life other than the author living here? Bit of an odd inclusion on the list I would have thought.

    • Hi Matt, this is something we go over annually! I think last year we were debating Parrot & Olivier in America. The guidelines must have been made more flexible in recent years…

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