More bite-sized book reviews

Here’s the second batch of mini reviews I commissioned from some of my Twitter followers. They get a free book, I retweet the review to my followers and publish it here (slightly edited). It can be over two tweets. Enjoy!


Kate Atkinson’s Started Early, Took My Dog is a clever crime novel with a complex plot that spans over three decades with its many intricacies and references making it a highly interesting read, exploring kidnapping, murder, mystery & human emotion.


Australian Encounters by Shane Maloney & Chris Grosz is a witty book about notable encounters featuring prominent Australians, featuring clever cartoons and a tongue-in-cheek writing style, full of humourous references. Informative, amusing & great for conversation.


Fallen angels may be the new vampires, but the heroines are as passive and insipid as ever. Sadly formulaic, Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick is just another YA novel, three parts teen angst and one part cliche.


Fury by Shirley Marr: Furious trio exact revenge on monstrous rich kids in gated community in a suspenseful, twisted thriller


Document Z by Andrew Coombe vividly sets the spy novel on Australian soil through retelling the Petrov Affair. Remincent of reading le Carre in my youth, the intrigue, drama and politics held me to the very end.

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