The traveller, and her crushes

It’s an excuse kind of post, but I’ve been away and fluey and thinking of the book and stuff and only blogged once last week (ARGH). Sorry. Still working on the Colm Toibin interview, an interview with Maile Meloy, a review or two, and lining up some more guest reviews. I also just reviewed Chris Womersley’s new book Bereft for Bookseller+Publisher. Keep an eye out for that. The book isn’t out until September so I can’t say much (hint: I wanted to re-read it as soon as I finished).

I was away this weekend for Sydney Film Festival – the first time I’ve ever been to a film festival, and I loved it. See my Twitter feed for some mini-reviews. My favourite film was The Illusionist – a charming, sweet and poignant animation by Jacques Tati, about an aging French magician who befriends a young maid in Scotland. There are other wonderful washed-up performers in the film – a ventriloquist, a  (very) sad clown and some acrobats. I saw the film as being about a loss of innocence; forgotten (romantic, magical) things in a world of ‘progress’ and materialism; friendship and so much more – all portrayed beautifully through the image (there’s barely any dialogue). The illusionist’s cranky hat-rabbit it unforgettable, as is the drunken Scot who invites him to perform in the Highlands. I was a mess at the end. So moving.

I saw six other films, but G and I will probably write something about what we saw jointly, so I’ll keep you posted.

In the next few months I’ll be travelling to Sydney again, then Echuca in country Victoria for a workshop, then Brisbane for the Australian Booksellers Association conference, then Sydney again, then Byron Bay for Byron Bay Writers Festival (the program is out now, have a look-see), then Sydney again, then I’ll be blogging for Melbourne Writers Festival, then there will be more trips to Sydney, and to Albury for Write Around the Murray, and to Croydon in country Vic for another workshop. And of course I’ll take you with me. Especially to the literary festivals.

But today I’m going to reveal something here on the blog. I started what I refer to as an ‘affectionate side-blog’ a few months ago, to experiment with tumblr before one of my blogging workshops. It’s called LiteraryMinded Crush. It’s not updated regularly, and it doesn’t require the kind of work I put into this blog, but it’s great fun. I’m revealing it now because I’ve got a few posts up there and you can see what it’s all about. Feel free to follow! And press ‘random’ on the side for a random crush.

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