Joe Meno coming to Sydney Writers Festival (and some event updates)

The program for Sydney Writers Festival, which runs May 15 to 23, was revealed today. I’m still deciding on whether I’m going to make it up to Sydney for it or not, as I do have involvement in the Emerging Writers Festival here in Melbourne (for which the program is released on April 22).

I had a quick scan of all the authors going to Sydney – many are wonderful, many I’ve seen and enjoyed at other festivals. And then I saw the name Joe Meno! I’ve only read one of his books, The Boy Detective Fails, but have read some of his short fiction too. He’s a Chicago-based writer. Here’s his bio on his website if you want to learn more. He’s doing four sessions at SWF, which you can find out about under his name here. I wrote a ‘mood review’ of The Boy Detective Fails in 2008. And I wrote about his short story ‘No Triumphant Possession’ (collected in The Lifted Brow 4) in 2009:

‘Joe Meno’s “No Triumphant Procession” has such an appealing, stylistic sense of time, character and place. His work is rooted in reality, yet there is something fantastical and unrecognisable about it – I would almost say cartoonish, except that makes it sound as if it were one-dimensional. Instead, there are many complex layers of emotional meaning, humour, aptness. You just have to read it.’

So in short, Joe Meno is someone I’d love to see chat about their work.

Also, here’s an update of some of the things I’m involved in soon:

I’m on a panel at Williamstown Literary Festival, on May 2, with Lisa Dempster, about literary blogging. Details here.

Miscellaneous Voices: Australian Blog Writing #1 is being launched at Readings Carlton next Wednesday, April 14.

On Thursday April 15 I’m reading at Dog’s Bar in St Kilda, alongside George Dunford. I think I’ll be reading a new kinda odd and absurd little love story (with social comment). Come along!

Back at Readings Carlton – on Tuesday 20 April is the launch of the latest issue of antiTHESIS. All the pieces in the journal are on and around the topic of ‘fear’. I was stoked to be asked to contribute something. Then I went through a lot of fear, ironically, trying to figure out how to tackle such a huge topic. But I (and the editors) were happy with how it turned out. I’m looking forward to reading the other essays and stories – some scholarly; some shorter and more personal, like mine.

Who’s going to SWF? What will you see? Will I see you at any of these other events?

One thought on “Joe Meno coming to Sydney Writers Festival (and some event updates)

  1. Hey Angela, thanks for the recommendations on SWF… I’m hoping to see Elizabeth Gilbert talk forgiveness with Stephanie Dowrick.. it should be less of a fan fest than her main appearance and I do so adore her writing (I know I know, me and everyone else… I just can’t help it!) I also saw an interesting session – ‘who owns the story?’ – about indigenous stories and legends in the public domain, are they there for anyone to appropriate? could be interesting too…. oh and I’ll see you at the launch of Miscellaneous Voices, looking forward to meeting you then!

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