From Miller to McKellen

A quick note to let you know the podcast of my conversation with Alex Miller is now up. You can find it at the 720 ABC Perth website, here, or you can search in the iTunes store and download it to your computer, or iPod/iPhone for listening on the go. If you get a chance, let me know what you thought.

From one talented, distinguished senior gent to another – I bought tickets today for the production of Waiting for Godot, starring Sir Ian McKellen! I’m so excited. Anyone else going? I adore the play, though I’ve only read it and never seen a production. And I adore McKellen, particularly for his performance as James Whale (Mister Jimmy!) in Gods and Monsters.

One thought on “From Miller to McKellen

  1. Great interview Angela. Miller certainly seems like a pretty intimidating interviewee, but once you got him talking he seems to actually (sort of) enjoy it. His dry wit is so dry, it’s hard to pick up sometimes – “Lopez said he wasn’t sure he had a book in him, I told him to go get a scan”.

    From anyone else, that would probably have constituted a Dad joke, but Miller hardly even lets it slip that he’s told a joke. I must be literally illiterate though, as before the festival, I’d never actually heard of Alex Miller…will have to go buy some more books.

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