One of those weeks

With the frantic busyness of work, and the preparations for both Perth Writers Festival (this week) and the Format Festival Academy of Words (in Adelaide, in a few weeks) I’m a bit behind in Blogland. I’ve been reading plenty but have had no time to write up reviews, and I haven’t sent out much to guest reviewers, either. (Admittedly, I’ve also been par-taying: Wheeler Centre launch, Scribe’s awesome party, friends moving overseas, etc.).

As regular readers know, this doesn’t happen often, so please excuse me for just a few days. Of course, I’ll be blogging merrily from WA at the end of the week, sharing my experiences of Perth Writers Festival andI have interviews with Peter Goldsworthy and Charlaine Harris coming up (could there be two more disparate authors?). I’m also drafting something on the long, crazy, positive journey I’m having with one of my short stories, where I’m learning a lot. I thought it might be interesting for fellow writers and those wanting to be, to provide a case study of sorts. Would you find that interesting?

I did write a post over at my work blog Fancy Goods last week, on literary apps, which is getting some great comments. So check that out.

I also watched Fellini’s 8 ½ for the first time on the weekend, which is where I got the image above from. Loved. And I ate some choc-coated almonds. And I’ve been staring into someone’s eyes a lot. No I don’t think I will come down thank you.

‘No, the character I’m thinking of couldn’t. He wants to possess and devour everything. He can’t pass anything up. He’s afraid he’ll miss something. He’s drained.’

And I started re-reading Alex Miller’s Prochownik’s Dream amid all the PWF readings (well, I am interviewing him also) to remember why it compelled me so as a 21-year-old when it came out.

And I chopped the end off a short story.

If you want to hear me read something, come to this: Read You Bastards V. I think I’ll read the story with the new ending, test it out on you.

Then we’ll do some karate:

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