Speaking of…

The literary-minded in Melbourne need never be bored. The Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas will begin filling our lunch breaks and evenings this month. Here’s the program for the first three months. I’ll be getting along to see Helen Garner, and I love the idea of the Lunchbox/Soapbox sessions which allow you to inhale some ideas along with your sushi during your lunch hour. I’ll be getting along to the Peter Singer one later this month.

Speaking of Melbourne, I’m on a panel this week called The Future of Reading. It’s aimed at 13 to 20-year-olds, but friends and family are welcome.

Speaking of the future of reading – are any of you reading on you iPhones? On another device? If so, what are you reading? I enjoy reading short stories on my iPhone, but not long-form stuff. The Electric Literature app is my favourite so far. Also, what would you expect to pay for an app that carried two or three original, specially commissioned short stories (quarterly)? Would you prefer something that mixed fiction and nonfiction, even graphic fiction/nonfic? And what if it were edited by me – would you buy it? There is a reason I’m asking… Feel free to reply here, or via Twitter/Facebook/email!

Speaking of emails – I am drowning in them, absolutely drowning, and I do apologise to anyone I haven’t gotten back to.

Speaking of drowning, I’m so busy at the moment with work, Perth Writers Festival prep, and, admittedly, social engagements that my other, non-festival-related book pile (the ‘tower of hope’) is looking quite neglected, so if you’ve given/sent me books and I said I’d get to them soon (and haven’t), please forgive. I am but one pair of eyes. Meanwhile – Perth Writers Festival is certainly going to be a cracker going by the amazing books I’m getting to read. I promise more reviews over the coming weeks, including one soon of David Carlin’s Our Father Who Wasn’t There.

Speaking of cracker reads, the March issue of Bookseller+Publisher will be winging its way to subscribers. We got the office copies in the other day and I’m very happy with it. It’s the second issue I’ve edited, but really the first I felt I had complete control over (in terms of commissioning stories etc.). Hope it’s informative and enjoyable…

Speaking of enjoyable: 2010, so far, has been incredible for me. In so many ways. I hope yours has been too. I’ll go into detail about some things in about a month.

Speaking of incredible:


Rock on, lit-lovelies.

5 thoughts on “Speaking of…

  1. So, posting too late as usual (better than not at all?)… I was interested/unsurprised that there was noone from the library world on the Future of Reading panel.

    Libraries are heavily invested (philosophically and financially) in developments in this area and have some unique insights into reader behaviour outside the (old and new) publishing paradigms – especially in regard to equity of access. There are also some kick-ass speakers on the scene (there is a library scene, did you know? We have shh-parties.).

    Next time? (Just had to add one more set of parentheses…this post didn’t have enough).


  2. Hey Angela! I’m reading on my iphone. Only really the McSweeneys App so far and just bought the first issue of Torpedo!
    I’m very much like you, I would never read longer works on a device, but quite enjoy the shorter stuff.
    I love the idea of specially commissioned work, (also throwing my hand up if you’re looking for writers!) and I think there are lots of great opportunities here for small publishers. I know Sleepers are working on an App as we speak.
    What would I expect to pay? Ah, not sure? I’m pretty cheap when it comes to Apps, especially when so many of them turn out to be rubbish, but if it was something supporting new work then I’d probably gladly pay a little more.

  3. Thanks Sean! I’m thinking just a couple of dollars, really. McSweeney’s was a bit more than that – but that’s constant content. This one would be a ‘per issue’ thing. I’d only charge so I could pay the writers…

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