Cut, print, that's a wrap: 2009

In 2009…

Christos Tsiolkas said c**t

Steven Amsterdam, Tom Cho, Kirsten Reed, Krissy Kneen, Josephine Rowe and Kathy Charles were forced to ‘respond’

I also interviewed Eva Hornung, Max Barry, Jon Bauer (whose debut novel has since been picked up by Scribe and will be out in 2010), Toni Jordan, Josephine Emery, Adam Ford, Emily Maguire, Lisa Dempster, Mischa Merz, Sarah Manguso; and Chris Currie interviewed Wells Tower for me

Of course, I also interviewed one of my favourite authors, Alex Miller

I was published in The Death Mook, Wet Ink, Australian Book Review, Through the Clock’s Workings and I reviewed for ABC Radio National’s The Book Show

I was called ‘lit-head’ and ‘blogonaut

I flooded the bathroom

Nathan Curnow and Sean Whelan were poetic heroes

A blog post let to a hot date with an American (he had a Springsteen-vibe and carried around a copy of Moby Dick)

I wondered whether I was related to Stephenie Meyer

The Miles Franklin shortlist was a sausage-fest, and Tim Winton’s Breath won

Some authors showed me their writing spaces (yeah)

I saw Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds and Neil Young (OMG)

I had an internet stalker (comments mostly deleted)

The Productivity Commission looked at abolishing territorial copyright laws. Loo-hoo-se-hers.

I was interviewed here and there – most extensively in Voiceworks

I performed or chaired at the Newstead Short Story Tattoo, the Format Festival, Emerging Writers’ Festival, Melbourne Writers Festival (like a mother to a son), National Young Writers Festival, Ubud Writers & Readers Festival

I rode my bike in 46 degree heat

Robert Pattinson was my cardboard cut-out date to a party

My home-town flooded

I developed an interest in graphic novels/comics

I was number one on Copywrite’s ‘Top 50 Australian Blogs on Writing’ list

Synecdoche New York was my film of ’09 and I even contributed to a podcast about it

Sometimes I was lonely

I went to the gym on average three times a week (plus walking/riding to work each day)

I drank alcohol on average three times a week

There were terrible bushfires

My friends – old, new, strengthened, over interwebs & in person, created the best memories

Dr Geoffrey Miller informed me about human evolution and the mating mind, and I developed a little crush on him

I developed a crush on a bartender who reminded me a bit of Brian Wilson

I developed a crush on China Mieville’s arms

I got a hug off Christos Tsiolkas

There were secret meetings (not with any of the above)

I joined Twitter in February

Mr Celluloid Tongue and I read and saw Revolutionary Road, Watchmen,

I guest fiction-ed (at first as a secret ‘celebrity’ horse) on Chris Currie’s Furious Horses, and may have written one of the anonymous posts on Krissy Kneen’s blog…

Poems were shared by Geoff Lemon, Bel Schenk, Sharanya Manivannan

I sometimes thought I was invincible

You guys liked the confessional posts, the personal, experimental, and stream-of-consciousness

I started reading Ulysses… Um

Michael Jackson died and I was sad, sad, sad

I attended an Overland Masterclass which got me thinking about literary heroes

I fell off my bike

My 3rd person post (stars in my eyes) on the Macquarie PEN Anthology launch attracted some nasty comments, and your kind responses

I launched Josephine Rowe’s How a Moth Becomes a Boat and Kathy Charles’ Hollywood Ending

I rewrote, was asked for, had rejected, and semi-retired a novel manuscript (my second) with a missing key

I wrote 15,000 words of another one

A very popular post was ‘Embracing the medium: what makes a successful cultural blog’

This blog post felt the best to write

I failed at being cool when I met MJ Hyland, and my voice cracked when I questioned Peter Goldsworthy

I attended the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards

My beautiful sister moved to Melbourne

I got a badge with the face of Albert Camus on it (aka Uncle Bert)

I performed poetry for the first time

I shared a few things I’d learnt about chairing writers’ festival panels

My book collection became complete

I told Readings my best books of ’09

I went blonde

I became acting editor of Bookseller+Publisher magazine, where I worked full-time through all of 2009

I attended lots of book launches and events (too many to link ’em all)

I read and reviewed a lot of books and had some lovely guest reviewers do the same

bad-santaNo doubt I’ll think of something else today to add to this. And you know what? 2k10 is set to be just as crazy-amazing. Already I’m lined up for two festivals – Perth and Byron (more on those soon), I’m teaching a workshop in Horsham in January, and I’m on some panels in February at events at the SLV, I’ve got a couple of articles due, and a story, I might be doing some stuff at the Wheeler Centre, and on top of all that there will be some MAJOR changes to my life, even this blog… all will be revealed soon.

Should I just, like, take a breath and feel satisfied?

happy whatever to all of you. Thank you so much for reading. Party hard, love hard and read hard. I’m taking a break until 11 January – well, I’ll try to anyway…

11 thoughts on “Cut, print, that's a wrap: 2009

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  2. IZ jealous of the ‘sausage-fest’ neologism. My small effort in those directions is so derivative that it will not survive examination by IP experts – ‘a Satanic version of ‘Neighbours’ is, after all, more of a throwaway phrase, innit.
    Fun to have at least one, though – let us hope there will not be a string of sausage-fests in the future 🙂 And what a great roundup !! what a cool year! This is bracing stuff.
    I may have read the post and forgotten, but seeing it now reminds me that I didn’t realise (or, had forgotten) you saw the great Neil at BDO, Ange, good to hear the playlist. Wasn’t he just a cracker – he played Cortez the Killer at his concert and my husband and I are still talking about it.
    And the bits I’ve heard of your news are very exciting indeed. Long May You Run.

  3. That was a very big year and I’m sorry I missed most of it. I also saw Neil Young, and he was great, but it was in the hangar-like Sydney Entertainment Centre, so that limited the enjoyment. Better times were had at slightly more intimate Sydney venues such as Ry Cooder/Nick Lowe at the State Theatre and Grace Jones at the Enmore Theatre.

    I don’t know who Stephanie Meyer is, Angela, but have you ever wondered whether you are related to Russ Meyer, he of the huge breast fixation? Further, have you wondered whether you could have cut it as one of Uncle Russ’ supervixens? But as a writer, I guess big boobs would get in the way of the keyboard somewhat.

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