Moving house, check out Readings Monthly and diminishing attention spans

Lots of books are getting moved from one place to another this weekend (and categorised and alphabetised) so forgive me for being a bit quiet.

It’s not online yet, but my feature interview with Alex Miller, on his new novel Lovesong, has just come out in the November issue of Readings Monthly. Pick up a copy if you’re near a Readings store. I’ll post a link when it’s up online. I actually spoke with Miller about his other wonderful books, and other general things, so there will be more to come on the blog…

Also, this is a link of a link of a link, but we can add to this discussion. I was surprised by Mark Sarvas’ admission that his own attention span for reading seems to have shortened. I didn’t expect this from him. But he does provide some suggestions at the end, if this horrible affliction has sprung upon you. I have no problem reading long books – I don’t get weary or distracted (unless, of course, they suck), and I know many people of my generation read some mammoth works. Maybe we’re (Gen Y) more adaptable to different kinds of reading, where for those just a bit older, the giddy, rapid, screen-swapping, talk-back nature of the internet is harder to shake off when they sit down with a book. But Sarvas isn’t too much older, and he has got a new bub in the house (a lovely distraction). For some, maybe it’s a phase of panic – ‘oh no, the internet is melting my brain’ – which paralyses them. For others, maybe they’re really just not enjoying what they’re reading so much, maybe their reading tastes have changed and it’s difficult to admit it to themselves. Over to you…

(And I do apologise if I take a little while to moderate/reply to comments – the moving thing).

2 thoughts on “Moving house, check out Readings Monthly and diminishing attention spans

  1. Maybe it’s not so much that your attention span decreases, it’s that you become more picky about what you’re willing to spend it on?

  2. Learning to give up on bad books was my ticket to increasing my attention span when reading.

    I do generally like shorter novels and find I’m so busy with stuff that it’s hard to finish longer novels. But Tsiolkas’ The Slap is a bit of a brick but it’s amazing! Still slow reading, but loving it.

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